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Lakeside The MagnaFlap Kennel Door

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MagnaFlap Kennel Door: Simplify Your Pet's Life!

The MagnaFlap Door Makes Kennel Access a Breeze!

Are you tired of constantly opening and closing the door for your pets? Introducing the Lakeside MagnaFlap Kennel Door — the ultimate solution for pet owners seeking convenience and security! With this doggy door’s simple installation process and exceptional value, this innovative product will revolutionize your pet's experience.

Crafted from 3/16" thick polycarbonate, specifically the renowned Lexan™ brand, this dog door guarantees durability and safety. Engineered to be as strong as bulletproof glass, it ensures long-lasting performance that will withstand your pet's playful nature. The rounded and smooth edges eliminate the risk of injuries, prioritizing your pet's well-being above all.

See the World Through the MagnaFlap Kennel Door

Let your pet enjoy the best of both worlds with the MagnaFlap Kennel Door! Its transparent design, with a subtle grey tint, allows ample light to shine through while minimizing reflections that might frighten your furry companion. Experience the joy of seeing your pet feeling secure, all while maintaining a stylish and modern look for your dog kennel.

The 55-degree angled nose flap along the side ensures easy accessibility for pets of all sizes, whether long or short-nosed. No more struggling or unnecessary effort — your pet will effortlessly open the door whenever they please. Plus, the doggy door comes with pre-drilled mounting holes and colored mounting screws for a hassle-free installation process.

Unleash the Durability of the MagnaFlap Kennel Door

When it comes to reliability, the MagnaFlap Dog Door goes above and beyond. Equipped with tough and durable spring hinges, this pet door firmly holds it closed, resisting strong winds and air pressure changes. Made with stainless steel hinges, this dog door is built to last. Its rust and corrosion-resistant properties make it perfect for outdoor use, while its compatibility with common cleaners ensures easy maintenance.


  • Durable and sturdy
  • Transparent
  • Easy access for pets
  • Weather-resistant
  • Weather stripping
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Customizable kennel door

Not only does the Lakeside MagnaFlap Kennel Door excel in performance, but it also offers versatility. Designed to fit multiple-size openings, it’s suitable for both new installations and retrofit applications. If you have unique requirements, custom sizes are available upon request, providing a tailored solution for your pet's needs!

Optional foam weather stripping can be added to enhance the doggy door's weather seal, preventing the loss of conditioned air and keeping your pet's space comfortable. Experience quieter closing and a more energy-efficient kennel with this convenient add-on.

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    Overall Dimensions

    Flap Dimensions

    Maximum Opening

    Small (MF-1)

    14” w x 11” t

    12 ¼” w x 11” t

    10 ½” w x 10 ½” t

    Medium (MF-2)

    16” w x 15” t

    14 ¼” w x 15” t

    12 ½” w x 14 ½” t

    Large (MF-3)

    18” w x 21” t

    16 ¼” w x 21” t

    14 ½” w x 20” t

    Tools Needed for Installation

    • Phillips screwdriver
    • 1/8" and 3/8" drill bits
    • Electric Drill
    • Masking tape
    • Straight edge
    • Exterior caulk
    • Saber Saw

    Customer Reviews

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