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Using the Garmin Sport Pro Handheld

  1. Initial Setup: Start by charging your Garmin Sport Pro Handheld using the provided cable. Once charged, turn it on by pressing the power button.

  2. Pair with Collar: Bring the handheld device close to the Garmin dog collar. Navigate to the pairing option on the handheld's menu, and follow on-screen instructions until the devices are synchronized.

  3. Select Training Mode: The Garmin Sport Pro offers several training modes like stimulation levels, tone, and vibration. Use the up/down buttons to choose the desired mode or level of correction suitable for your dog's temperament and the behavior you're addressing.

  4. Issue Commands: Once you've selected a mode, use the handheld's buttons to send commands. For instance, pressing the tone button will cause the collar to emit a beeping sound, serving as a cue or recall signal for your dog.

  5. Range Check: The Garmin Sport Pro Handheld typically has a substantial range, often up to 3/4 mile. Ensure you're within this range for optimal performance.

  6. Safety Lock: Use this feature to prevent accidental stimulation. It locks the current stimulation level to prevent inadvertent level changes.

  7. Battery Life & Conservation: Regularly check the battery indicator on the display. When not in use, turn off the device to save battery.

  8. Cleaning & Maintenance: After training sessions, especially in rugged or wet conditions, clean the handheld and the collar with a damp cloth and let them air dry.


Garmin Sport Pro Handheld Manual