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MIM Variocage

MIM Variocage Collection: Safe and Secure Transport for Your Furry Friend

Our MIM Variocage collection offers a range of products to ensure safe and secure transport for your furry friend. Whether you're traveling by car or heading to the vet, our cages are designed to keep your pet safe and secure during transit.

Made from high-quality materials, our cages are both durable and stylish, ensuring that they not only protect your pet, but also look great in your car. With a focus on safety and security, our cages are tested to meet the highest standards, giving you peace of mind during any journey.

MIM Variocage Manuals and Sizing Guides

MIM Variocage Reviews

How To Measure Your Dog

  • MIM Safe VarioGate Divider Travel Dog Crate Accessories
    MIM Safe VarioGate Divider Crash Tested Dog Crate Divider
    from Original Price $499.99
    from $449.99
    MIM VarioCage

    MIM Safe VarioGate Divider

    Travel with Confidence: Ensure Pet Safety with MIM Safe VarioGate Divider! Pet Safety While Traveling Introducing the MIM Safe VarioGate Divider fr...

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  • Sale
    from Original Price $429.99
    from $329.99
    MIM VarioCage

    MIM Safe VarioBarrier

    MIM Safe VarioBarrier — Your Essential Companion for Safe & Fun Pet-Friendly Journeys! Keep Your Pet Safe On The Road Dogs are also family me...

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  • MIM Safe Cover
    MIM Safe Bumper Cover
    from Original Price $94.99
    from $84.99
    MIM VarioCage

    MIM Safe Bumper Cover

    MIM Safe Cover: The Ultimate Protection for Your Dog and Car Protect Your Dog's Paws and Claws with MIM Safe Cover If you're tired of your dog's pa...

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