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MIM Safe Variocage Reviews

MIM Variocage Reviews are feedback and opinions shared by customers who have used MIM Variocage products. MIM Variocage is a brand that specializes in designing and manufacturing high-quality pet travel safety products, such as pet carriers and car crates. The reviews provide insights into the overall performance, safety, durability, and ease of use of the products, as well as customer service experiences. Customers often share their personal experiences with the products, including the types of pets they have, the vehicle types they use, and the distance and frequency of travel. Reviews are often available on online retail websites and social media platforms, making them accessible to potential customers who are researching the products before making a purchase decision.

True Life Testimonials

Head on Collision at 40 MPH

  •  January 12, 2023

Sienna, my Bichon, and I were headed to our weekly rally class around 7pm this past Wednesday.  As I was entering an intersection (with the right of way) on a fairly busy road, a car in the oncoming lane unexpectedly turned left in front of me.  It happened quickly and he was so close to me when he turned that I didn’t have any time to brake.  It was basically a head on collision at 40mph, with both of our cars sustaining massive damages.  

My vehicle was totaled. Pieces of my engine were strewn across the intersection, oil and fluids leaking everywhere, and his car had pinned my driver’s side door closed.  Climbing out through the passenger’s side door, I immediately tried to open the rear lift gate to get Sienna.  It wouldn’t budge.  I was close to panic at that point, and still pretty disoriented from the crash itself.  

A few wonderful bystanders came over to make sure I was okay; one of them was able to quickly figure out the escape hatch (I wasn’t thinking super clearly at that point, beyond telling him that it existed) and pull Sienna out through the backseat. She was a bit shaken up by the crash itself and the loud noises of the traffic and ambulance.  But physically she was completely, amazingly, 100% fine.  

I had purchased my Variocage not even 3 months before the crash. Before that I had used safety harnesses for years, but my current dogs didn’t love wearing them. They were also a bit of a pain to put on and with how often I drive with my dogs (3-4 days a week) I found myself getting lazy about using them. 

My dogs are well behaved and the drive to class is so short, it was easy to fall into the habit of just having them lie down on the seat next to me.  But I knew I was taking an unnecessary risk riding with my girls loose.  I needed something safe for them and easy for me (so I would actually use it).  Everyone I knew who had a Variocage loved them. So, I finally got one.  Apparently just in time. 

Looking back, the idea that I had my dogs unrestrained in the car at any point makes me sick.  I’m a careful driver.  This crash wasn’t my fault but that didn’t prevent it from happening.  I never would have forgiven myself if Sienna had been injured or killed, and she absolutely would have been. 

At the speed I was going, with a head on collision, Sienna’s little 11lbs body would have slammed right into if not through the windshield.  Or the dashboard.  Or me.  It could have ended so much worse than with just a totaled car.  I am so, so grateful she was in a Variocage.  

Megan Dommer

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"I'm Impressed how the Variocage worked so well" - Lori Duncan

  •  January 12, 2023

I was stopped in traffic at a stoplight on a 4-lane road that had traffic in all lanes. I was either the 2nd or 3rd vehicle at the light. 

A truck slammed into me from behind and careened off the rear end of my van to end up angled next to me. The entire back window was crushed and glass was in the Variocage. The impact from the truck that hit me caused me to hit the stopped truck in front of me. The entire front end of my van was smashed under the truck in front of me.

My dogs were not in the crates but the Variocage would have protected them from being crushed, thrown about, or shoved into the middle row seats. I am impressed how the Variocage worked so well.

Lori Duncan

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Police dog kept safe and secure 

  •  January 12, 2023

At 1725 hours Sergeant Beck was rear ended on WB Central at Chama. The driver and passenger of the vehicle that hit him, a Black Isuzu Rodeo, fled on foot in different directions and were unable to be located. 

APD advised that the temp tag on the Isuzu has the correct vehicle information but the temp tag number comes back to a Ford. 

Sergeant Beck was assessed by EMS on scene and will be completing a First Notice of Injury Form as well as an IR.

K-9 Beauty was unharmed in this accident and will be returning back to work on the team’s regular schedule.  This cage kept our K-9 safe and secure during this accident!

IPS – International Protective Services

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