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MIM Variocage Instruction Manuals & Sizing Guides

MIM Variocage Manuals are a series of instructional guides designed to help pet owners assemble, install, and use MIM Variocage products safely and effectively. MIM Variocage is a leading brand that specializes in designing and manufacturing high-quality pet travel safety products, such as pet carriers and car crates. The manuals provide step-by-step instructions with diagrams and illustrations, ensuring that pet owners can correctly set up and use the products to ensure maximum safety for their pets during travel. The manuals are available both in print and online, making them accessible and convenient for pet owners around the world.

MIM Variocage Instructional Manuals

Multicage Single

Multicage Double

Variocage Care2

MIM Safe Variocage Compact 

MIM Safe Variocage Minimax

MIM Safe Variocage Single

MIM Safe Variocage Double

MIM Safe Variogate

MIM Safe Variogate Divider Short

MIM Safe Variogate Divider Long

Universal Trafficguard

MIM Variobarrier Small

MIM Variobarrier Medium

MIM Variobarrier Large

MIM Safe Variobarrier HR Small

MIM Safe Variobarrier HR Medium

Allsafe Harness / Allsafe Comfort Harness

Click 'N Roll

Dog Runner 


Dog & Roll


Sizing Guides

Variocage Dog Measuring Guide

Variocage Car Sizing Guide

Variocage Dimensions Guide

Multicage Sizing Guide

Variogate Car Sizing Guide

Variogate Wing Extension Sizing Guide

Variobarrier Car Sizing Guide

Variobarrier HR Car Sizing Guide

Variobarrier Dimensions Guide

Variodivider Car Sizing Guide

All Safe Harness Sizing Guide