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GoPet USA Dog TreadMill


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GoPet TreadMills: The Ultimate Exercise Solution for Your Pet

Convenient Mobility

With the GoPet TreadMill's dolly wheels, you can move your pet's exercise equipment with ease. The dolly wheels provide effortless transportation, allowing you to conveniently move the TreadMill from one room to another or store it away when not in use. This feature ensures that you can always find the perfect spot for your pet's workout routine without any hassle. Plus, with the sturdy construction of the TreadMill, you can be sure that the wheels will not damage your floors or scratch any surfaces.

Interactive Exercise

The metal eyelet on the GoPet TreadMill provides an excellent opportunity for you to interact with your furry friend during exercise. You can attach your pet's favorite toy or treat to the eyelet, creating a positive and exciting workout experience for your pet. This feature can help keep your pet engaged and motivated during their workout routine, making it more enjoyable for both you and your pet.

Customizable Workout

The GoPet TreadMill's push-button controls allow you to easily adjust the speed and incline of your pet's workout. The gradual increase and decrease in speed ensures a safe and comfortable workout experience for your pet, while the incline adjustment feature adds variety to their routine. This feature allows you to customize your pet's workout to meet their unique needs and fitness level, helping to ensure that they reach their exercise goals.


  • Max Weight: 
    • 44 lbs (Toy Breed)
    • 88 lbs (Toy - Small Breed)
    • 132 lbs (Small - Medium Breed)
    • 176 lbs (Large Breed)
    • 264 lbs (Giant Breed)
  • Running Area:
    • 28"L x 16"W (Toy Breed)
    • 42"L x 16"W (Toy - Small Breed)
    • 52"L x 16"W (Small - Medium Breed)
    • 71"L x 16"W (Large Breed)
    • 98"L x 25"W (Giant Breed)
  • Speed Range:
    • 1 -8 MPH (Toy Breed, Toy - Small Breed and Small - Medium Breed)
    • 6 - 10 MPH (Large Breed)
    • 1 - 10 MPH (Giant Breed)
  • Unit Weight:
    • 63 lbs (Toy Breed)
    • 83 lbs (Toy - Small Breed)
    • 100 lbs (Small - Medium Breed)
    • 137 lbs (Large Breed)
    • 273 lbs (Giant Breed)
  • Shipping Dimensions:
    • 47"L x 26"W x 12"H - 98 lbs - Not on Pallet (Toy Breed)
    • 65"L x 26"W x 13"H - 112 lbs - Not on Pallet (Toy - Small Breed)
    • 77"L x 26"W x 17"H - 145 lbs - On Pallet (Small - Medium Breed)
    • 92"L x 26"W x 22"H - 240 lbs - On Pallet (Large Breed)
    • 104"L x 38"W x 22"H - 425 lbs - On Pallet (Giant Breed)
  • Gradual Start 
  • Remote Controlled
  • Incline Adjust
  • Upright Fold
  • Warranty: 1 Year Warranty

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