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Garmin Sport PRO vs PRO 70

Garmin Sport PRO         Garmin PRO 70

For decades, Garmin has established its reputation as a frontrunner in producing state-of-the-art GPS and dog training devices. Among their esteemed line-up of e-collars are the Garmin Sport PRO and the PRO 70. Both are lauded for their efficiency and reliability, but each boasts distinct features tailored for specific dog training contexts. In this article, we'll unpack the similarities and differences between these two devices to help trainers and pet owners identify the best match for their requirements.

1. Shared Attributes:

a. Build Quality: Garmin's commitment to durability is evident in both models, which are designed to withstand the rigors of training environments.

b. Multi-Dog Capability: Both the Sport PRO and PRO 70 can manage multiple dogs, a crucial feature for professional trainers or owners of multiple canines.

c. Waterproof Design: Recognizing the unpredictable nature of outdoor training, both devices are waterproof, ensuring they function optimally even when wet.

d. Battery Life: Trainers can expect long-lasting performance from both devices, thanks to their efficient battery systems.

2. Distinguishing Features:

a. Range:

  • Garmin Sport PRO: This model offers a range of up to 3/4 mile, sufficient for most standard training situations.
  • Garmin PRO 70: The PRO 70 extends its range up to a full mile, catering to trainers who require that additional distance, especially in vast open spaces.

b. Stimulation Levels and Modes:

  • Garmin Sport PRO: It provides 10 levels of continuous and momentary stimulation. Additionally, it features vibration and tone options, giving trainers a suite of diverse cues.
  • Garmin PRO 70: Simplifying the process, the PRO 70 offers 6 levels of continuous stimulation without momentary options, making it straightforward for trainers who prefer consistent cues.

c. User Interface:

  • Garmin Sport PRO: Designed for one-handed use, it boasts a quick-turn dial for level adjustments and intuitive buttons for switching between dogs or modes.
  • Garmin PRO 70: The interface here is also user-friendly, with dedicated buttons for each dog, ensuring seamless switching.

d. Dog Management Capacity:

  • Garmin Sport PRO: This device can effectively manage up to 3 dogs.
  • Garmin PRO 70: The PRO 70, on the other hand, offers control over a larger pack, managing up to 6 dogs concurrently.

3. Price Point:

While prices might vary based on retailers and available promotions, the PRO 70, given its extended range and larger dog management capacity, generally occupies a slightly higher price bracket than the Sport PRO.

4. Which One Should You Choose?

  • Training Needs: If you're seeking a versatile training tool with various stimulation modes, the Sport PRO is your go-to. For those desiring simplicity with extended range, the PRO 70 is ideal.

  • Budget: The Sport PRO might appeal more to those on a moderate budget, but for trainers willing to invest a bit more for extended features, the PRO 70 holds value.

  • Number of Dogs: The PRO 70's capacity to handle up to 6 dogs makes it more suited for professional trainers or multi-dog households.


The Garmin Sport PRO and PRO 70, while both exceptional in their domains, serve slightly different niches within the dog training community. By aligning your choice with your training demands, budget, and the number of dogs under your care, you can secure an e-collar that promises an enriching training journey for both you and your canine.