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K-9 III Dog Dryer™


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Get Fluffy Coats in No Time with K-9 III Dog Dryer™

Cut Your Drying Time in Half with the K-9 III Dog Dryer™

The K-9 III Dog Dryer™ is the ultimate tool for pet owners and groomers looking to reduce their drying time. With its powerful motor, this dryer can quickly dry even the thickest coats, leaving your pet looking clean and fluffy in no time. Reports indicate that it can cut drying time in half! Choose the K-9 III Dog Dryer™ for a faster and more efficient grooming experience.

The Most Powerful Blower in the K-9 Line

The K-9 III Dog Dryer™ is the top of the line in the K-9 series, making it the most powerful blower available. With single or dual motor mode options, you can customize the power and speed to your specific needs. This dryer is a true powerhouse in professional grooming circles, making it the perfect tool for groomers and pet owners alike.

Versatile and Efficient Grooming with the K-9 III Dog Dryer™

The K-9 III Dog Dryer™ is not only powerful, but also versatile and efficient. Its durable design and easy-to-use features make it a great tool for groomers of all levels. Whether you are grooming a small dog or a large breed, this dryer can take on any job with ease. Choose the K-9 III Dog Dryer™ for a more efficient and enjoyable grooming experience.

K-9 III Dog Dryer™ Features:

  • Professional Single or Dual Motor
  • 18 gauge steel body ideal for rough environments
  • Dual motor control switches for easy speed adjustment
  • 18 amps @ 110v for powerful performance
  • Available in 12 color options
  • Weighs 25 lbs, easy to handle and maneuver.
  • Inclusions:
    • 10’ foot high-quality hose
    • 2 Air Intake Filter
    • Flat tip nozzle
    • Round tip nozzle
    • Industry-leading 2-year manufacturer warranty

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