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Top 5 Benefits Of Using A Dog Kennel - Puppy Fever Pro

Top 5 Benefits Of Using A Dog Kennel

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” - Rodger A Caras. 

When it comes to your dog, you want nothing but the best. And when only the best will do, you can come to Puppy Fever Pro.  A Texas-based online store that sells premium dog kennels, crates, and other products that make your dog’s life better. 

Something that your precious “good boy” or “good girl” will appreciate is a place to call their own. A place to relax and nap, or to feel safe when their surroundings are a bit too noisy. 

There are two types of kennels - indoor and outdoor. And before we share our top 5 benefits of using a dog kennel, we’d like to explain the difference.

Indoor kennels or crates

Indoor kennels are smaller and tend to be made from wire, plastic, or galvanized steel. Indoor kennels are also known as crates, and they are a medium enclosure for your puppy or dog to rest. Indoor kennels are great for toilet training and to train your dog for traveling long distances. Crate training your dog has a huge amount of benefits which you can learn about in this blog HERE.

Outdoor kennels

Outdoor kennels are a good alternative to fencing which can sometimes be costly. A dog kennel is also far easier to install. But before you go ahead and set up your new kennel, make sure that you’ve purchased one with the right material. Your kennel should be constructed from weather-resistant material like galvanized steel that will withstand all weather conditions. View our range of premium outdoor dog kennels HERE

What is the difference between a crate and a kennel?


Unlike a crate, a dog kennel is much bigger. A kennel typically has enough space for your dog to exercise. They should be large enough to fit two dogs in case you have two dogs, or a puppy play date.  

Permanence and strength 

Kennels are built to be permanent, unlike a crate which can be collapsable. Kennels are also generally much stronger, because of the fact that they are set outside and exposed to the weather. 

Kennels are built for the outdoors

Kennels are kept outside and therefore designed from materials that make them durable throughout all seasons. 


A kennel is a permanent fixture where your dog can spend an excessive amount of time. A crate on the other hand is typically used for shorter periods of time. Either to transport your dog or for periods when they need rest or respite. 

Read our blog on how to crate train your puppy HERE.

Benefits of using a dog kennel

Space and safety 

A kennel is your dog’s home. A place where they can feel safe and have space to relax, roam around, play or exercise. The enclosure protects your dog from cars, animals, or unsavory characters who may wander onto your property. 

An outdoor kennel also means that your dog gets the benefit of fresh air to breathe. Your dog’s safety aside, a dog kennel can also keep your property safe from harm. 


House training is much easier when you have a kennel. Having a fixed spot (preferably outside) for them to do their business is a wise idea if you are potty training your dog. You can potty train your dog by taking them out to the kennel frequently (at least every two hours), after they wake up, during playtime, and after eating and drinking. Just make sure you take them to their kennel so they know that that’s the place to do their business.

Cheaper than fences

A report from 2017 said that “according to the home services website,, the average homeowner spends $2,641 for a fence, according to data furnished from more than 15,000 members. The cheapest fences are metal or chain fences, costing $7 per foot (this doesn't include labor).” Source

That’s a big investment to keep your dog from leaving your property. A kennel on the other hand can cost anywhere from $300 to $600. Not only is investing in a kennel cheaper but they are easier to install too. 

View our high quality, durable, and easy to install dog kennels HERE

Good for garden maintenance

As much as we love our dogs they sure can wreak havoc on our gardens. A kennel can keep your dog away from your garden beds, water fountains, or meticulous landscaping. 


A kennel with a roof provides shelter for your dog. Not every kennel has a roof, but if you opt for a roofed kennel consider a sloped roof. This style allows for more space and feels less squished. Roofs with shingles and metal sheets (like corrugated iron) tend to last longer. 

Metal roofs tend to be more costly than shingle roofs, however, if you live in an area that receives large amounts of rain, metal roofing is a better choice. Shingle roofing is not ideal for areas with snowfall, as the snow can get stuck, freeze and damage the shingles.


Kennels are particularly good if you live on a farm as they prevent your dog from pestering or attacking livestock. And while there are many lovely stories about dogs becoming best friends with chickens and other farm animals, that’s not always the case. A kennel can ensure your dog and livestock are kept apart, in the rare case of an incident occurring. 

Looking for a kennel for your dog? View our range of high-quality, locally made dog kennels HERE

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